The path

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This is for this week’s Take52 challenge – Path.

Close to where I live is the remains of an old river ferry terminal. It was closed in the 1960s. There is little remaining now apart from the derelict shell of the building itself and one of the turnstiles. At the end of this path you can find what is left of the jetty itself. When the tide is out then you can see it.
If anybody know the Bob Dylan movie “No Direction Home” then this is where the cover shot was taken.



Catch-up time

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OK, just a couple of images from May so far, to catch up.

The first is of the giant ballot box that appears in Bristol just before any election. The idea is to remind everybody to vote. It’s nothing special as a photo but I just like the way that it sits in the middle of the pedestrian area. You get people, like me, who take photos of it, others who just walk past as if it wasn’t there and others who lean against it to make phone calls/checks their texts in the shadier side.


The second is a view of Severn Beach – home. It stands on the edge of the River Severn, a river with the second highest tidal range in the world. Hence, it has trouble maintaining its ‘beach’!


It’s been over 5 months since my last blog photo and despite a few days when I said “Right, I’m going to start that blog again” nothing has happened. This time it’s different though and you can expect to see the weekly photo returning, to a screen near you. If you look that is!

I am currently involved with two projects that should give me enough material:
The first is a picture a day. I am calling this ‘Capturing 2015’ and the results are being published on my Facebook page as well as my Smugmug site. I am not getting too precious about these pics and so, if nothing inspires me, then it could just be the cover of the DVD that I decided to watch that day. The vast majority of these photos will be taken on my mobile phone and possibly edited using Snapseed (or Instagram).
The second is a photo a week. This is being done with a Facebook group – CameraShy Take52. This is a closed group and the idea is that a theme is set every Monday and you must then take a photo based on that theme. The photo has to be taken in the week it is set and no library can be used. I particularly like the challenge of taking a photo to a theme.

So, there you go. I have, in theory, 8 photos a week to choose from to blog about. Sometimes I envisage more images, or articles/links, appearing if I feel they deserve it!

For those of you who have not heard of John Otway (and to be honest, why should you?) go and Google him…

For those that have then you will be pleased to know that John will be releasing a Christmas single this year. The single was recorded the week before last with some filming for the video and recording of choruses done last weekend (with his legion of fans). This week, John is in Lapland to record more footage for the single.

It was a great weekend and the photos (especially these) really do not convey the sense of ‘Otway’ about it! 🙂


This is John with his famous double-headed guitar. After the C5 race, John and the Band plus other guests did a cabaret afternoon. This was great entertainment and John and the Band got to play a lot of songs that they would not do normally.


Sunday lunchtime, and after a morning of walking along the seafront taking more more photos it was time for John to race his C5 against others. Here he is leading back up the hill.


Recording of the video and chorus for the single has finished and it is now time to make the journey back to the mainland. For those who did not want to risk the treacherously slippery boards of the pier, then this was a chance to ride a train along the world’s longest (1.34 miles) pleasure pier. Now, this is not a sight you see on your average station platform!

In the sun

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On a few days away in St Ives, I got all weather – wind, rain, and sunshine. Here’s an attempt to capture some of that sunshine following an eartlier bout of rain.


Birmingham Library

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My wife and her best mate wanted to go to a craft fair at the NEC. I agreed to chauffeur with the intention of going into Birmingham to spend up to 6 hours taking photos. However, the weather did not want to play unless I wanted puddles and umbrellas!

This the new Library, a very intersting building. Unfortunately, as the weather was not brilliant, it meant that the skies were bright and just burned out most of the time.


At one stage, it was raining so hard that the only thing to do was to take shelter. I found an interesting entrance to a building that had about 6 columns. This was opposite the Library but near a bus stop, so a good place to take people photos. However, the rain started to blow horizontally, so the rain came inside. Therefore, it was mre than just this leaf that got wet!


St George’s Bristol

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This is St George’s, a music venue. Yes, really. Obviously, it has not always been a venue. This only happened back in 1999. It looks impressive from the outsidde and is equally as impressive inside.

One of the photography groups that I belong to is the Photographic Society of America. This image was taken as part of a themed round – wide angle. Having considered a numberof options, I decided on this – a portrait format wide angle. Well, you have to be different, don’t you?


Arnos Vale Cemetery

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What better way to spend a Sunday morning than wandering around a cemetery? Arnos Vale is a 19th century cemetery in Bristol that fell into serious disrepair. Nearly two hundred years later and through local volunteers and Heritage funding, it is being restored to its former self.

From a photographic point of view, I much prefer finding the overgrown tombs and headstones which are off the main avenues. This is one which I found for the first time on Sunday. I liked the way that the weeds and bracken was only growing on the side of the angel figurine. It still allowed you to read about the person (Bessie Casey) who had been buried there.

And, just for a bit of fun, here’s an attempt at some in-camera zooming…

There is a new Banksy in Bristol. It is a parody of Vermeeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’.

We went to see it today. We knew which road it was in but could not see it. Then, a guy sitting outside a pub, asked “Are you looking for the Banksy?”. When we replied that we were, he then directed to where it actually was. Do we look like people who wander around looking for street art? Obviously, we do!

It has been very cleverly done, using a yellow alarm box in place of the earring. However, unfortunately, it was vandalsied within days of being created.


The art in location:

Autumn is coming

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Out for a walk around Ashton Court today. The trees are really showing that it’s autumn – leaves, that are still on the trees, turning yellow and gold.